Turing College's
Master of Data Science

With 1-on-1 support from AI experts at Google Brain and Meta AI to Cambridge University PhDs. All without leaving your home and at your pace.

Duration: 12-24 months

Application deadline: Jan 2024

Start date: Feb 2024

Location: Online

Cost: $12,964

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Upcoming Information Sessions

Wondering what a master's degree from Turing can do for you?
Join our next virtual information session to discover the benefits of our programs, how it can help you achieve your goals, and learn more about the extensive support that Turing can provide along the way.

A degree built for working professionals

Grow your network worldwide

You will be matched with other learners from 20+ countries for 1-on-1 project review sessions.

Learn in the same way the best companies work

Utilizing the Agile methodology, our program is organized in short intensive sprints led by seniors from leading tech companies.

Learn anytime, anywhere

We have no lectures. Our self-paced courses are designed for working people, allowing you to study on your schedule via our learning platform.

EU-Accredited degree

Turing College is an EU-accredited college, offering a master's degree in Data Science & Analytics, affiliated with Woolf, a renowned higher education institution within the European Union.

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Get job-ready with confidence

We can’t promise you will get a job. After all, getting hired depends on you. But we are there to help, and we’re proud of our track record so far - 97.9% of our graduates have landed jobs within 6 months.

Mock interviews led by an HR expert
Endorsement program
Salary negotiation support
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You will learn

Core data analyst toolkit

Master data analysis essentials like pattern identification, data visualization, and using spreadsheets and SQL for data work.

Communicating analysis results

Turn data insights into compelling stories with BI tools like Looker Studio or Tableau, learning to tailor engaging presentations and data visualizations for different audiences.

Main analysis results

Examine different analysis types as they relate to fields like customer behavior and e-commerce, mastering techniques such as RFM, CLV, A/B testing, and regression models.

Analyzing business problems

Practice data analysis tools and techniques in scenarios like Product, Marketing, and Payment/Monetization Analysis, understanding the wider Data Analyst profession landscape.

Data analytics capstone project

Undertake a large-scale project that demonstrates the culmination of all learned skills.

Python: basics to advanced

Starting with no prior Python knowledge assumed, master the basics to advanced Python topics through practical projects and personal code feedback.

Data wrangling with Python

Strengthen Python skills, learn data processing and visualization using NumPy, Pandas and other libraries while enhancing your linear algebra and scientific computing knowledge.

Data analysis & statistics

Upgrade your statistical knowledge and experiment with hypothesis testing and statistical modeling, using SQL to interact with relational databases.

Machine learning

Explore supervised and unsupervised machine learning models such as KNNs, decision trees, SVMs, gradient boosted trees, and more.

Deep learning

Understand how to construct and apply various neural network architectures using PyTorch to solve tabular data, computer vision, and natural language processing challenges.

Flexible graduation

Dedicating at least 24 hours of focused learning per week, you can graduate in 24 months. Of course, there are no limits to how fast you can graduate.


Industry-focused master's thesis

You will be paired with world-class industry professionals with strong academic backgrounds who will guide you on the path to creating the next world-changing data science or AI application.

Balanced for scientific rigorousness and application

World-class supervisors

Co-created with industry professionals

Thesis supervisors & senior team leads

Your master’s thesis supervisors will be AI experts, who did their research in organizations like Google Brain, Meta AI, Cambridge University, and Stanford University.

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Tutoring from Senior Team Leads

Build skills faster with 1-on-1 support from industry experts and mentorship. And because some of your Senior Team Lead are managers in their companies, they might even hire you.

Mastery from teaching others

Science shows that the best way to learn is by teaching others. At Turing College, we give you the opportunity to review the work of junior learners.

Confidence from your career coach

Your coach will help you personalize your job search strategy and give you resume feedback. They will also improve your chances of securing a position by roleplaying tech and HR job interviews with you.

Collaboration with your community

You will have regular weekly standups. These meetings provide you with the opportunity to share, and discuss topics and problems with Senior Team Leads.

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